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Dedicated semiconductor wafer analyzer


FTIR spectrometer FSM1201S is a dedicated silicon wafer analyzer with a dual detector design and fully computer controlled sample table.

    The instrument is intended for processing automated testing of silicon wafer parameters according to a profiling pattern given by the operator. Wafer sizes up to 200 mm can be accommodated.
     FTIR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for non-destructive characterization of semiconductor wafers and structures. This is confirmed by a number of standards, recognized worldwide, such as SEMI MF1188 and SEMI MF1391, introducing test methods for interstitial oxygen and substitutional carbon content in silicon, or SEMI MF95 describing test method for thickness of epitaxial layers of n-n+ or p-p+ type silicon structures. Also determination of phosphorous and/or boron concentrations in PSG/BPSG layers is possible, or SOI structures and dielectric films characterization.

Characterized parameters 
  • Interstitial oxygen concentration in silicon (wafer thickness 0.4–2 mm): (5x1015–2x1018)±5x1015 cm-3 (SEMI MF1188).
  • Substitution carbon concentration in silicon (wafer thickness 0.4–2 mm): (1016–5x1017)±1016 cm-3 (SEMI MF1391).
  • Radial interstitial oxygen variation in silicon wafers (SEMI MF951).
  • Thickness of epitaxial layers for silicon n-n+ and p-p+ structures: (0.5–10)±0.1 mm, (10–200)±1% mm (SEMI MF95).
  • Thickness of silicon epitaxial layers for SOS structures: (0.1–10)±1% mm.
  • Boron and/or phosphorus concentration in BPSG/PSG on silicon: (1–10)±0.2 wt. %.   
Main features
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY. Measurement time for routine spectral resolution and photometric accuracy parameters does not exceed 15-20 sec. It permits not only random but also complete process testing of product wafers and structures. Assessment of the wafer non-uniformity is made possible for by the use of profiling of the material parameters.
  • ANALYSIS RELIABILITY. Identification and analyses is based on the whole spectrum simulation utilizing reference spectral library, and PLS optimization procedures.
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE MEASUREMENTS. IR optical measurements are by nature non-contact and non-contaminating.
  • AUTOMATED TESTING PROCESS. All the testing operations covering spectra acquisition, analysis, sample table transport, are computer controlled. Profiling options include standard 1-, 5-, and 9-point star configurations, as well as operator programmed patterns. Results of the wafer testing are automatically logged into a database.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND SERVICING. Due to advanced design spectrometer does not require cooling water or pressurized air.
Spectral range, cm-1


Spectral resolution, cm-1


IR beam diameter on the wafer, mm


Maximum wafer diameter, mm


Точность позиционирования стола, мм


Basic measurement time, sec


Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg