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FTIR spectrometers FSM

























     FTIR spectrometers FSM are low cost easy-to-use laboratory instruments designed for a wide range of IR spectroscopy applications.

     Basic accessories for IR studies, such as different types of liquid cells, gas cells, including long pathlength cells, specular reflectance accessories, HATR kit, etc. are available.

      The basic software package is Windows 9x/XP based.






FSM 1201FSM 1202FSM 1211
Spectral range, cm-1




Spectral resolution, cm-1




Signal/Noise ratio - RMS, 1 min, 4 cm-1 >20000
Sample compartment dimensions, mm  150x190x170 
Spectrometer dimensions, mm  520x370x250 
Weight, kg  28 


   Main features 

  • Permanent alignment. Interferometer provides long-time stability and requires no alignment due to design, utilizing cube corner retroreflectors.
  • Sealed housing. Interferometer and detector sections including control electronics are enclosed in hermetically sealed aluminium housing. The enclosure is dessicated to eliminate atmospheric interference.
  • Original scanning system. Mirror movement is digitally controlled. Scanning mechanism utilizing a precision plain bearing is pressurized air free.
  • Air cooled IR source. IR source needs no cooling water. Replacement procedure is simple and does not require any alignment.