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    The existing “Infraspek” staff was basically formed of the group of scientists of St.-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University. In 1992 they organized the company “SPb Instruments” and this was the first step in the “Infraspek” history.
     For several years “SPb Instruments” was producing and developing the Fourier Transmission InfraRed (FTIR) spectrometers under the aegis of All-union Scientific Research Institute of Metrology  (Mendeleev Metrology Institute), carrying out the functions of the department of FTIR-spectrometry. The equipment produced during this time is known under the trade mark of “Monitoring Co., Ltd”, which is the branch of the Mendeleev Metrology Institute.
     The experience stored during these years has allowed department to grow into independent business. Establishing of the “Infraspek Co., Ltd” gave an opportunity to concentrate staff’s efforts on improvement of the characters of the product, on working out the new devices and methodology.
    “Infraspek Co., Ltd” produces and develops FTIR-spectrometers and analyzers - the equipment for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances in any modular conditions. The company also produces a wide number of additional devices for spectrometers which is necessary in some cases of analysis and sample preparing.
     We also offer our own software which was developed especially for solving concrete user’s problems. It increases the speed of the measuring procedure and simplifies the analysis of received specters.
    “Infraspek”‘s policy is aimed to produce an equipment which is able to solve different user’s problems immediately after purchasing. Based on these priorities, company fulfills its own research and development program. In this work we are still tightly connected with the Mendeleev Metrology Institute.
     Of course, all our products are certified by Russian State Standard authorities.